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Green Paper

Highlights of ROI FINDINGS

Regulatory & Administrative Improvements

  • The limited situations in which Government Use Licenses and March-In Rights may be exercised is not well defined
  • The Preference for U.S. Manufacturing process for requesting waivers is confusing to stakeholders
  • “Government works” exception to Copyright Protection for Software Products of R&D GOGO laboratories constrains commercialization

Private Sector Engagement

  • Improved clarity and use of best practices by Federal Laboratories would streamline Partnership Agreements
  • Private sector collaborations for translational R&D could be increased via Expanded Partnership Agreements
  • Federal Laboratories could accelerate technology maturation by attracting private sector investment through Non-Profit Foundations
  • Recipients of Federal funding could benefit from a Limited Use of R&D Awards to enable intellectual property protection

Entrepreneurial Workforce

  • Expanding best practice Technology Entrepreneurship Programs at Federal R&D agencies government-wide will help build a more entrepreneurial R&D workforce
  • Current requirements for Managing Conflicts of Interest that vary across agencies and lack flexibility pose challenges to build a more entrepreneurial R&D workforce

Tools & Services

  • A federated data portal is not available to easily access, use, and analyze information on Federal Technologies, Knowledge, and Capabilities that are available to the public
  • A secure, modern, interoperable platform is not available for Reporting Federal IP Data (inventions, copyrights, and utilization metrics) that is easy to access, analyze, and use

Benchmarking & Metrics

  • Current metrics to capture, assess, and improve broad Technology Transfer Outcomes & Impacts of federally funded R&D are inadequate
  • Government-wide guidance for reporting broad-based Technology Transfer Outcome and Impact Metrics at the Federal Laboratory level could help facilitate appropriate and relevant comparison with universities
  • A model instrument could streamline data collection for Economic Impact Studies

Next Steps


Implementation of any actions based on findings in the Green Paper that require specific policy, legislative, and/or regulatory actions will be advanced via formal proposals subject to appropriate interagency review, and public comment.

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Created December 4, 2018, Updated September 10, 2019