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OSAC Technical Series Publications

OSAC Technical Series Publications provide a way to share information that was gathered during the standards analysis and development process but will not be part of a standards document. These publications focus on topics that have broad applications to forensic science standards.

Some examples include:

  • Interdisciplinary documents.
  • Current state of a discipline, including technical concerns/problems and recommendations for how to proceed, without presenting a definitive solution.
  • Frameworks which provide a basic conceptual structure related to a forensic science topic or issue.
  • Lessons learned.
  • Process maps which describe the steps taken for discipline’s claims.
  • Road maps outlining a path forward.
  • Scientific foundations, including claims & literature references.
  • Standards gaps that need to be addressed or problems that need to be solved.

Click an image below to view the technical series publication.

Created December 4, 2017, Updated September 11, 2020