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Human Factors in Validation and Performance Testing of Forensic Science

Cover of OSAC Technical Guidance Document 0004

OSAC Technical Series Publication 0004


Published: March 2020

Author: OSAC Human Factors Committee


This publication offers advice on designing, conducting and reporting empirical studies on the accuracy of forensic examinations. By offering suggestions on research that might be done and practices that might be developed in the future, this publication aims to help OSAC subcommittees develop and refine statements about the research needs of their disciplines. More broadly, it aims to help forensic scientists enhance their vision of ways forensic science might develop in the future and thereby facilitate continuing incremental improvements in forensic science standards and practice.

This document is an OSAC Technical Series Publication rather than a standard or guideline. It establishes no requirements for current or future practice; it merely provides advice and suggestions. The information provided here was distilled from an extensive scholarly literature on human performance testing and the science of evaluation research as well as from the practical experience of the HFC and other OSAC members.

Created July 28, 2021, Updated November 8, 2022