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Introduction to Application Profiles for Facial Seaching

OSAC Technical Guidance banner - 0007
Credit: NIST

OSAC Technical Guidance Document 0007


Published: October 2023

Author: OSAC Facial & Iris Identification Subcommittee

Executive Summary:

Law enforcement, entities responsible for the production of identification cards, places of employment that require background checks and identity management organizations are examples of bodies that specify and deploy solutions which have the primary goal of determining the personal identity of a subject or verify the identity of a subject using biometric information: finger, face, iris, etc. To effectively exchange biometric data between various agencies using dissimilar systems made by different manufacturers, a standard is needed to specify a common format for the data exchange. 

It is critical that agencies create an Application Profile which uses well established and widely accepted standards so that effective exchanges in the pursuit of agency-specific workflows utilizing biometric data can be facilitated. 

Created October 26, 2023