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Federal Policy on Standards

The US Government’s role in the development and use of standards and conformity assessment is guided by the National Technology Transfer and Advancement Act, OMB Circular A-119, and other federal laws, regulations, and international agreements. 

Interagency Committee on Standards Policy (ICSP)
Officials from each of the relevant federal agencies come together to coordinate standardization activities.

Key Federal Law and Policy Documents: NTTAA/OMB A-119
The National Technology Transfer and Advancement Act and Circular A-119 from the Office of Management and Budget stipulate actions to increase reliance on voluntary consensus standards.

Standards Executive Resources
Access standards-related laws, policies, and guidelines, including information on federal engagement in standards activities.

Standards Incorporated By Reference
Incorporation by reference (IBR) allows Federal agencies to comply with the requirement to publish rules in the Federal Register and the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) by referring to materials already published elsewhere. 

Subcommittee on Standards (SoS)
The Subcommittee on Standards charter ended on December 31, 2016. This information is being provided for historical purposes.







Created May 19, 2016, Updated November 15, 2019