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Applied and Computational Statistics Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Michael Frey Group Leader michael.frey [at] Fed
Elsie (Meliza) Lane Group Secretary elsie.lane [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Caitlin Berry caitlin.berry [at] Fed
Grace Boyer grace.boyer [at] Assoc
Kevin J. Coakley kevin.coakley [at] Fed
Angela Folz angela.folz [at] Assoc
Michael Frey michael.frey [at] Fed
Mary Gregg mary.gregg [at] Fed
Felix Jimenez felix.jimenez [at] Fed
Amanda Koepke amanda.koepke [at] Fed
Lucas Koepke lucas.koepke [at] Fed
Vallabh Kudva vallabh.kudva [at] Assoc
Ryan Mapes ryan.mapes [at] Assoc
David Newton david.newton [at] Fed
Jack Prothero jack.prothero [at] Fed
Lincoln Queale lincoln.queale [at] Assoc
Julia Sharp [at] Fed
Elliot Topper elliot.topper [at] Assoc
Gregory Wickham gregory.wickham [at] Assoc