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Multimodal Information Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Jim Horan Group Leader james.horan [at] Fed
Eboni Harbeson Group Office Manager eboni.harbeson [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Oleg Aulov oleg.aulov [at] Fed
Asad Butt asad.butt [at] Assoc
Baptiste Chocot baptiste.chocot [at] IntlCtr
Lukas Diduch lukas.diduch [at] Assoc
Lowen DiPaula lowen.dipaula [at] Fed
Jonathan G. Fiscus jonathan.fiscus [at] Fed
Peter Fontana peter.fontana [at] Fed
John S. Garofolo john.garofolo [at] Fed
Ilia Ghorbanian Bajgiran ilia.ghorbanianbajgiran [at] Assoc
Edmond J. Golden III edmond.golden [at] Fed
Craig Greenberg craig.greenberg [at] Fed
Haiying Guan haiying.guan [at] Fed
Eboni Harbeson eboni.harbeson [at] Fed
Jim Horan james.horan [at] Fed
Yooyoung Lee yooyoung.lee [at] Fed
Kay Peterson kay.peterson [at] Fed
Noah Schulman noah.schulman [at] Assoc
Seungmin Seo seungmin.seo [at] IntlAssoc
Audrey N. Tong audrey.tong [at] Fed
Christopher Tu christopher.tu [at] Assoc
Jennifer Yu yan.yu [at] IntlCtr