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Kay Peterson (Fed)

Social Science Analyst

Kay Peterson is a social science analyst and linguist in the Multimodal Information Group of the Information Access Division at NIST's Information Technology Laboratory. She holds a master's degree in linguistics (with minors in English and psychology) from Bielefeld University, Germany. Kay has accumulated experience in HLT (human language technology) development and evaluation since the late 1990s in academic, industry, and government settings, with a focus on HLT metrology and evaluation at NIST since 2007.


Overview of the NIST 2016 LoReHLT Evaluation

Audrey N. Tong, Lukasz L. Diduch, Jonathan G. Fiscus, Yasaman Haghpanah, Shudong Huang, David M. Joy, Kay Peterson, Ian M. Soboroff
Initiated in conjunction with DARPA's Low Resource Languages for Emergent Incidents (LORELEI) Program, the NIST LoReHLT (Low Re-source Human Language Technology
Created October 9, 2019, Updated May 7, 2024