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Yooyoung Lee (Fed)

Supervisory Computer Scientist

Dr. Yooyoung Lee is a Supervisory Computer Scientist in the Multimedia Information Group (MIG), Information Access Division (IAD) under ITL where she is a team lead for computer vision and video analytics evaluations. She has research experiences in biometrics, forensics, image/video quality measures, and sensitivity/robustness analysis. She has been involved as a co-PI and/or team member in programs sponsored by IARPA (Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity) and DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). Her current research interests are evaluation-driven research and data analysis of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in computer vision, forensics, and video analytics.


Open Media Forensics Challenge 2022 Evaluation Plan

Haiying Guan, Yooyoung Lee, Lukas Diduch
This document describes the system evaluation tasks supported by the Open Media Forensics Challenge (OpenMFC) 2022. The evaluation plan covers resources, task

Open Media Forensics Challenge (OpenMFC) 2020-2021: Past, Present, and Future

Haiying Guan, Yooyoung Lee, Lukas Diduch, Jesse Zhang, Ilia Ghorbanian Bajgiran, Timothee Kheyrkhah, Peter Fontana, Jonathan G. Fiscus
This document describes the online leaderboard public evaluation program, Open Media Forensics Challenge (OpenMFC) 2021-2022. In the report, first, the

User Guide for NIST Media Forensic Challenge (MFC) Datasets

Haiying Guan, Andrew Delgado, Yooyoung Lee, Amy Yates, Daniel Zhou, Timothée N. Kheyrkhah, Jonathan G. Fiscus
NIST released a set of Media Forensic Challenge (MFC) datasets developed in DARPA MediFor (Media Forensics) project to the public in the past 5 years. More than
Created July 30, 2019, Updated July 11, 2022