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Heat Transfer and Alternative Energy Systems Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Behrang Hamadani Group Leader behrang.hamadani [at] Fed
Josefine Lecuyer Group Secretary josefine.lecuyer [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Jumana Aljafari jumana.aljafari [at] IntlAssoc
Alfred Collins alfred.collins [at] Assoc
Matthew Dennie matthew.dennie [at] Assoc
Brian P. Dougherty brian.dougherty [at] Fed
A. Hunter Fanney Assoc
Tyler Gervasio tyler.gervasio [at] Fed
Behrang Hamadani behrang.hamadani [at] Fed
Jason Harwerth jason.harwerth [at] Assoc
John W. Hettenhouser john.hettenhouser [at] Ctr
Jae Hyun Kim [at] Fed
Josefine Lecuyer josefine.lecuyer [at] Fed
Luis A. Luyo luis.luyo [at] Fed
John Roller john.roller [at] Assoc
Andrew Shore andrew.shore [at] Fed
Tania Ullah tania.ullah [at] Fed
Hurriyet Yuce Cakir hurriyet.yucecakir [at] IntlAssoc
Robert R. Zarr robert.zarr [at] Assoc