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Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Lisa Ng Group Leader [at] Fed
Rasheena Brawner Group Secretary rasheena.brawner [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Rasheena Brawner rasheena.brawner [at] Fed
William Stuart Dols william.dols [at] Fed
Steven Emmerich steven.emmerich [at] Fed
Dan Greb daniel.greb [at] Fed
Nathan Lima nathan.lima [at] Assoc
Michael F. Link [at] Fed
Bello Mahmud bello.mahmud [at] IntlAssoc
Lisa Ng [at] Fed
Oluwatobi Oke oluwatobi.oke [at] Assoc
Andrew K. Persily andrew.persily [at] Assoc
Brian Polidoro brian.polidoro [at] Fed
Dustin Poppendieck dustin.poppendieck [at] Fed
Robert N. Sharpe robert.sharpe [at] Ctr
Jialei Shen jialei.shen [at] IntlAssoc
Stephen Zimmerman stephen.zimmerman [at] Fed