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Registration and Surveys

Register Your SRM

The NIST SRM Registration System allows you to register your NIST SRMs. Registration of an SRM allows you to receive notification of any developments or updates of that product and its certificate.

Product Survey

The NIST SRM Product Survey allows you to rate your purchased SRM product(s), as well as any technical assistance provided.  If you are the end user of a NIST Standard Reference Material, please complete this survey.  Your responses will assist us in the improvement of our overall product.

Customer Service Survey

The NIST SRM Customer Satisfaction Survey allows you to rate your customer service experience throughout the entire purchasing process of your NIST SRMs, including order fulfillment.  In addition to great customer service during the purchase stage, our goal is for your purchased SRM(s) to reach you in a timely manner, in good condition, and with all the required documentation.  If you served as a buyer in the acquisition of Standard Reference Materials, please complete this survey.  Your responses will assist us in providing you the very best customer service in future transactions.


Created September 28, 2016, Updated October 20, 2016