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Ordering Policies

Ordering Policies


Purchasing an SRM


Out-of-Stock Materials

Orders for out-of-stock SRMs/RMs are generally filled with the renewal reference materials when available. A notification list is used to contact customers when the reference material (or its renewal) is again available. Upon notification, customers are told the price of the material and are asked to contact the sales office if they still wish to purchase it.


Prices quoted for SRMs/RMs are in U.S. dollars ($), and are published in the catalog supplement (price list). The prices shown therein are subject to change without notice and orders will be invoiced for the prices in effect at the time of shipment. Shipping and handling charges for regular and special (for SRMs in restricted categories) shipments are also applied to all orders. These charges will be added to the invoices.

SRM Terms and Conditions can be found at

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Late Charges

In accordance with U.S. Treasury regulations, late charges will be levied for each 30/45-day period, or portion thereof, that an invoice payment is overdue.

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Restricted Shipments

Dangerous Goods (Hazardous Materials)
Some SRMs/RMs are classified as ``Dangerous Goods' by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), or the International Air Transport Association (IATA). These organizations have published regulations and procedures for packaging and shipping dangerous (hazardous) goods which must be followed to safely transport these materials. Such regulations and procedures are very specific and do not allow exceptions. NIST reserves the exclusive right to select the proper packaging and shipping mode to assure that shipments comply with these regulations and procedures.

Temperature Sensitive Materials
Some SRMs are extremely temperature sensitive and will perish unless shipped by the most expedient mode available. To ensure the stability of these materials, they must be packaged with cool packs or dry ice which will maintain the necessary low temperatures for a short period of time. However, several SRMs are so temperature sensitive that they are restricted to domestic sales only, and must be shipped according to a set schedule.

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Rush Shipments

Requests for rush shipments will be accommodated when possible. However, they will be made in compliance with existing regulations pertaining to the SRMs/RMs being shipped and when hazardous materials are involved, all regulations governing their transportation will take precedence. The following types of rush shipments are available:

Same day shipping - Orders must be placed by 10:00AM Eastern Standard Time (EST). In addition to the normal shipping fees, a processing fee of $50.00 will be added to the customer's invoice.
Next day shipping - In addition to the normal shipping fees, a processing fee of $25.00 will be added to the customer's invoice.

(Exception: Hazardous materials will not be shipped the same day.)

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All documents are printed in English. The documentation NIST furnishes (if required) are:

  • Commercial invoice(s);
  • Packing slip(s);
  • Air waybill for air shipments (provided UPON REQUEST ONLY);
  • NAFTA Certificate(s) (when applicable);
  • SRM/RM Certificate(s), one for each unit ordered;
  • Material Safety Data Sheet(s), one for each type of ordered material requiring it.

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Certificates and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Each SRM/RM shipment contains sufficient copies of Certificates and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) (if applicable) for the number of units ordered. However, if these documents are misplaced, NIST will provide additional copies free of charge upon request. Customers may call, fax, or use the following e-mail addresses to send in their requests:

Certificates: srminfo [at] (srminfo[at]nist[dot]gov)
MSDS: srmmsds [at] (srmmsds[at]nist[dot]gov)

Older, archived certificates are available at;  click on Historical Archived Certificates. 



Created January 6, 2010, Updated October 11, 2022