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Terms and Conditions (effective through November 12, 2017)


Authority - The National Institute of Standards and Technology provides Standard Reference Materials as stated in 15 USC 272(b)(2), which authorizes NIST to develop, maintain, and retain custody of national standards of measurement, and to provide the means and methods for making measurement consistent with those standards; and 272(c)(6), which authorizes NIST to prepare, certify, and sell standard reference materials for use in ensuring the accuracy of chemical analyses and measurements of physical and other properties of materials.

Contracts and Signed Statements - As an agency of the United States Federal Government, Department of Commerce, the National Institute of Standards and Technology attests solely to the provisions described here. Receipt of orders by NIST does not imply acceptance of any provisions set forth in the order that are contrary to the policy, practice, or regulations of NIST or the U.S. Government. In general, NIST will not sign any affidavits, acknowledgment forms, or other documents that may be required by any domestic or foreign entity for policy governing procurement of goods and services. These terms and conditions supersede any conflicting and/or additional terms and conditions included in any purchase request or other document submitted to request NIST Standard Reference Materials.  In ordering NIST Standard References Materials, the customer is agreeing to these Terms and Conditions which are also available at

Shipping - Refer to and/or SRM certificate for shipping details for each SRM ordered. Customers are responsible for all custom duties and import fees.

Returns - Refer to for information regarding Returns.

Invoices – NIST is a Federal government agency under the U.S. Department of Commerce; therefore, NIST has to follow the payment process directed by the U.S. Department of Treasury.  NIST DOES NOT electronically submit invoices.  Invoices are mailed to the provided billing postal address. Should you need an email copy of your invoice, please send your request to srminfo [at] (srminfo[at]nist[dot]gov).

Payment Information – All billing terms are net 30 days for domestic customers, and net 45 days for international customers from the date of the invoice.  First time international customers must prepay.  Other requirements for prepayment are at the discretion of NIST.  Payment must be received by the due date to avoid the assessment of late fees. No discounts are offered for early payment.  We cannot accept a Letter of Credit as a form of payment. If you need any additional information, please contact the NIST Finance Division by phone on 301/975-3880, by e-mail at billing [at] (billing[at]nist[dot]gov), or by fax on 301/975-8943. NIST accepts the following forms of payment:

  • Credit Card and ACH: Go to Type “NIST” into the search box to search for the NIST payment forms. Select “NIST Standard Reference Materials Payment Form.” Complete all required fields and submit your payment. Note: Please verify with your banking institution that your account is set up to process ACH payments if you select this method of payment.
  • Wire Transfer: NIST can only accept wires using the U.S. Department of Treasury FEDWIRE system.  NIST does not use the SWIFT system and does not have a Swift code. The transfer of funds must either process though a U.S. correspondent bank, or by having your country’s central bank send a swift telecommunication system message to the Federal Reserve Bank.  Be sure to include any processing fees your bank may charge
    • Payments may be sent by wire through the U.S. Department of Treasury FEDWIRE system with the following banking instructions:
      • Treas NYC (Account is with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York).
      •  Address: U.S. Department of Treasury, 33 Liberty Street, New York, NY 10045 (Phone: 202-874-7132)
      • In Payment Details field, CL329930001
      • In Bank Routing number field, ABA# 021030004
      • In Account number field, ALC# 13060001
      • Account Name: TREAS NYC/CTR/BNF=NIST/AC-13060001
    • The account number and name are of critical importance and must be referenced in order for NIST to be properly credited with the payment.  It must appear in the precise manner shown above to allow for the automated processing and classification of the funds transfer message.  In addition, please refer to the NIST invoice/receivable number, your purchase order number, your sales order number, your country, and any other pertinent information that would help us to identify your payment. 
    • The transfer of funds must either process through a U.S. correspondent bank, or through your country’s central bank via a swift telecommunication system message to the Federal Reserve Bank.  Be sure to cover any processing fees your bank may charge you.
  • By Check:  The NIST Lockbox accepts check payments on behalf of NIST. All checks must be drawn on a United States bank AND made payable in U.S. dollars. The NIST invoice/receivable number must be referenced on the check stub. Send payment to:  NIST, P.O. Box 301505, Los Angeles, CA 90030-1505.  For checks drawn on non-US banks, please remit your check to NIST Receivables Group, 100 Bureau Drive, MS-1624, Gaithersburg, MD 20899-1624.
  • EFT is not a payment option of NIST.  Please do not use the wire information above as to attempt to pay NIST as EFT. Please use the ACH option with PAY.GOV.


    References to NIST in Advertisements - NIST does not approve, recommend, or endorse any product or proprietary material. No reference shall be made to NIST in any advertising or sales promotion, which would indicate or imply that NIST approves, recommends, or endorses any product or proprietary material.

    NIST Quality System Consult the NIST Quality Manual for Measurement Services (NIST QM-I), available for download at

    Traceability - The NIST Policy on Traceability can be found at

Created June 17, 2016, Updated November 14, 2017