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NTRM Producer Information

NTRM® Producer Information

An NTRM® (NIST Traceable Reference Material) is a commercially produced reference material with a well-defined traceability linkage to existing NIST standards. This traceability linkage is established via criteria and protocols defined by NIST which include the NIST analysis of at least 10% of a Gas Mixture NTRM® batch. Commercial producers may affix the NTRM® certification mark provided by NIST to materials produced according to these criteria and protocols. A NIST NTRM® may be recognized by a regulatory authority as being equivalent to a Certified Reference Material (CRM). For additional information, see Guenther, F.R., Dorko, W.D., Kelley, M.E. The NIST NTRM® Program for Gas Standards, NIST Spec. Publ. 260-126 (Rev. 2013). Contact can be made at gasntrm [at] (gasntrm[at]nist[dot]gov).

Given below in alphabetical order is a listing of companies that have produced Gas Mixture NTRMs in the recent past.

Airgas USA, LLC. (a division of Air Liquide America Gases)
Contact: Doug King
600 Union Landing
Riverton, NJ 08077
Telephone: (856) 786-2904
Fax: (856) 829-6576

Linde Gas North America LLC
Contact: Lou Lorenzetti
Environmental Laboratory Supervisor
Linde Electronics and Specialty Gases
80 Industrial Drive
Alpha, NJ 08865
Telephone: (908) 777-9241

Matheson Tri-Gas
Contact: Michael Tang
3106 Pasadena Freeway
Pasadena, TX 77503
Telephone: (713) 385-7315
Fax: (713) 534-8706

Praxair Distribution, Inc.
Contact:  Joseph Charles
5700 S. Alameda Street
Los Angeles, CA  90058
Telephone:  (323) 585-2155 ext. 6002


Created August 11, 2010, Updated January 2, 2018