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SRI 6003 Series Portable Vacuum Standard

Technical Contact:  jacob.ricker [at] (Jacob Ricker)   

The Portable Vacuum standard (PVS) is an instrument that measures pressures with accuracy approaching that achieved at national standards laboratories. The PVS utilizes commercial gauges with slight modifications to improve the uncertainty to better disseminate pressure for laboratories without access to a primary standard. Additionally, the PVS can be used to replace mercury manometers that are being phased out due to the hazards and complications of using this type of standard.This device is a transfer standard and must be recalibrated at NIST periodically (NIST recommends every two years) to maintain its accuracy and traceability.

The PVS can provide high accuracy calibrations or measurements directly at a customer's facility or even be used as an artifact in inter-laboratory comparisons (ILC).The system can be setup onsite with relative ease and little technical expertise and can be used to calibrate sensors without removing them from operation. This provides a method to calibrate sensors such as CDGs that are prone to damage or sensor drift from vibration or shock that is common during the removal procedure or shipping.The PVS obtains its direct NIST traceability and traceability to the International System of Units (SI) via calibrations against the Ultrasonic Interferometer Manometer (UIM) primary standard or through a piston gauge which is dimensionally characterized by the UIM.

The PVS uncertainty can depend on several factors such as temperature stability, pressure range, zero instability, long term stability.An estimate of the overall uncertainty of the device ranges from 50 parts in 106 at high pressures to 0.5% at 1 Pa.

Specifications Certificate (PDF format)

Standard Configurations:

The prices listed below are for the individual instrument and do not include costs related to the final measurement calibration performed before delivery or post-delivery installation and training.  The related Calibration Service ID for the SRI is 30010C.  To obtain a quote for the instrument and calibration services, please contact Sales and Customer Service by phone at 301-975-2200 or email at srminfo [at] (srminfo[at]nist[dot]gov).



Pressure standard for barometric and vacuum applications 1 Pa to 130 kPa



Pressure standard for full range applications 1 Pa to 700 kPa (Commercial Mercury Manometer Replacement)



Pressure standard for vacuum applications 1 Pa to 10 kPa



Pressure standard for vacuum applications (w/ Youden analysis) 100 Pa to 130 kPa




Created September 28, 2016, Updated January 23, 2024