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SRI 6004 NIST TAI-1 Time Transfer Receiver

Technical Contact: michael.lombardi [at] (Michael Lombardi)

The NIST TAI-1 Time Transfer Receiver is a low-cost time transfer receiver that stores data in the Common GPS GLONASS Time Transfer Standard (CGGTTS) format.This data format is accepted by the Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (BIPM) for contributions to International Atomic Time (TAI) and Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).It is intended for use in timing laboratories that want to begin contributing to UTC, or that need time transfer data in the CGGTTS format for other purposes.

The receiver utilizes a 12-channel single frequency (L1 band) GPS receiver, a time interval counter, and a single board computer that runs the Microsoft Windows* operating system. The receiver has been engineered to be reliable and easy to use. It features a modern touch-screen interface, and automates the process of data transfer to the BIPM. The receiver's automated data uploads are frequent enough to support contributions both to UTC, which is published monthly with measurements reported at five-day intervals; and to Rapid UTC (UTCr), which is published weekly with measurements reported at one-day intervals

Specifications Certificate (PDF format)

The price listed below is for the individual instrument and does not include costs related to the final measurement calibration performed before delivery or post-delivery installation and training.  The related Calibration Service ID for the SRI is 76101C.  To obtain a quote for the instrument and calibration services, please contact Sales and Customer Service by phone at 301-975-2200 or email at srminfo [at] (srminfo[at]nist[dot]gov).



NIST TAI-1 Time Transfer Receiver




Created September 28, 2016, Updated June 2, 2021