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Experimental demonstration of local area entanglement distribution between two distant nodes, coexisting with classical synchronization

May 12, 2023
Anouar Rahmouni, Paulina Kuo, Yicheng Shi, Jabir Marakkarakath Vadakkepurayil, Nijil Lal Cheriya Koyyottummal, Ivan Burenkov, Ya-Shian Li-Baboud, Mheni Merzouki, Abdella Battou, Sergey Polyakov, Oliver T. Slattery, Thomas Gerrits
We successfully demonstrated polarization entanglement distribution and classical time synchronization using a high-accuracy precision time protocol between two quantum nodes located 250 meters apart using a single fiber simultaneously carrying both

Versatile quantum-enabled telecom receiver

March 2, 2023
FNU Nur Fajar Rizqi Annafianto, Jabir Marakkarakath Vadakkepurayil, Ivan Burenkov, Abdella Battou, Sergey Polyakov
We experimentally demonstrate a quantum-measurement-based receiver for a range of modulation schemes and alphabet lengths in a telecom C-band. We attain symbol error rates below the shot noise limit for all the studied modulation schemes and the alphabet

Resource optimization of quantum-enabled channels using novel modulation schemes

July 21, 2021
Jabir Marakkarakath Vadakkepurayil, FNU Nur Fajar Rizqi Annafianto, Ivan Burenkov, Abdella Battou, Sergey Polyakov
We introduce new practical modulation schemes inspired by the quantum measurement. We experimentally show that our quantum-enabled communication system optimizes the combined resource efficiency (CRE) beyond the classical, shot-noise-limited CRE.

Practical quantum-enhanced receivers for classical communication

April 20, 2021
Ivan Burenkov, Jabir Marakkarakath Vadakkepurayil, Sergey Polyakov
Communication is an integral part of human life. Today, optical pulses are the preferred information carriers for long-distance communication. The exponential growth in data leads to a "capacity crunch" in the underlying physical systems. One of the

Experimental demonstration of the near-quantum optimal receiver

November 19, 2020
Jabir Marakkarakath Vadakkepurayil, Ivan Burenkov, FNU Nur Fajar Rizqi Annafianto, Abdella Battou, Sergey Polyakov
We implement the cyclic quantum receiver based on the theoretical proposal of Roy Bondurant and demonstrate experimentally below the shot-noise limit (SNL) discrimination of quadrature phase-shift keying signals (PSK). We also experimentally test the

FPGA Implementation of a Low Latency and High SFDR Direct Digital Synthesizer for Resource-Efficient Quantum-Enhanced Communication

October 15, 2020
FNU Nur Fajar Rizqi Annafianto, Jabir Marakkarakath Vadakkepurayil, Ivan Burenkov, Hasan Urgurdag, Abdella Battou, Sergey Polyakov
In most modulation schemes for a telecommunication system, a fast and efficient sinusoidal signal generator is needed. Here we report on an FPGA implementation of a versatile CORDIC Based Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS). Most commercial lightwave

Time-Resolving Quantum Measurement Enables Energy-Efficient, Large-Alphabet Communication

September 21, 2020
Ivan Burenkov, Jabir Marakkarakath Vadakkepurayil, Abdella Battou, Sergey Polyakov
Information exchange requires a measurement of physical states. Because quantum measurements enable accuracy beyond the classical shot-noise limit, they are successfully used to develop measurement tools and applications. In particular, quantum-measurement