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Versatile quantum-enabled telecom receiver



FNU Nur Fajar Rizqi Annafianto, Jabir Marakkarakath Vadakkepurayil, Ivan Burenkov, Abdella Battou, Sergey Polyakov


We experimentally demonstrate a quantum-measurement-based receiver for a range of modulation schemes and alphabet lengths in a telecom C-band. We attain symbol error rates below the shot noise limit for all the studied modulation schemes and the alphabet lengths 4 ≤ M ≤ 16. In doing so, we achieve the record energy sensitivity for telecom receivers. We investigate the tradeoff between energy and bandwidth use and its dependence on the alphabet length. We identify the combined (energy and bandwidth) resource efficiency as a figure of merit and experimentally confirm that the quantum-inspired hybrid frequency/phase encoding has the highest combined resource efficiency.
AVS Quantum Science


Quantum receiver, Quantum communication, Quantum network


Nur Fajar Rizqi Annafianto, F. , Marakkarakath Vadakkepurayil, J. , Burenkov, I. , Battou, A. and Polyakov, S. (2023), Versatile quantum-enabled telecom receiver, AVS Quantum Science, [online],, (Accessed May 30, 2024)


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Created March 2, 2023, Updated May 24, 2023