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Full-Scale Experiments to Demonstrate Flammability Risk of Residential Upholstered Furniture and Mitigation Using Barrier Fabric

December 11, 2020
Mauro Zammarano, Matthew S. Hoehler, John R. Shields, Andre L. Thompson, Ickchan Kim, Isaac T. Leventon, Matthew F. Bundy
In this work, we investigated fire growth in a furnished compartment intended to mimic a living room where a couch was the main fuel load. Three TB-117-2013 compliant and commercially available couches were procured. The couches were identical except for

Reduced-Scale Test to Assess the Effect of Fire Barriers on the Flaming Combustion of Cored Composites: an Upholstery-Material Case Study

September 4, 2020
Mauro Zammarano, John R. Shields, Isaac T. Leventon, Ickchan Kim, Shonali Nazare, Andre L. Thompson, Rick D. Davis, Artur A. Chernovsky, Matthew F. Bundy
In this work, we describe a reduced-scale test (“Cube” test), based on cone calorimetry, measuring the fire performance (heat release rate, propensity to pool-fire formation, etc.) of composite specimens including a fire barrier (FB) and a flammable core

A Generalized Model of Flame to Surface Heat Feedback for Laminar Wall Flames

March 7, 2017
Isaac T. Leventon, Stanislav I. Stoliarov, Kevin T. Korver
In this work, experimental measurements of flame heat flux and sample mass loss rate are obtained as a flame spreads vertically upward over the surface of seven commonly used polymeric materials, two of which are glass reinforced composites. Using these