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The MaCFP Condensed Phase Working Group: A Structured, Global Effort Towards Pyrolysis Model Development



Isaac Leventon, Benjamin Batiot, Morgan Bruns, Simo Hostikka, Yuji Nakamura, Pedro Reszka, Thomas Rogaume, Stanislav Stoliarov


The International Association for Fire Safety Science (IAFSS) Working Group on Measurement and Computation of Fire Phenomena (i.e., the MaCFP Working Group) has been established as a global collaborative effort between experimentalists and modelers in the fire safety science field to make significant and systematic progress in fire modeling, based on a fundamental understanding of fire phenomena. In 2016, the Condensed Phase Phenomena MaCFP Subgroup was formed to maintain an effort focused on improving the predictive capabilities of numerical simulations of thermal decomposition and pyrolysis. Two MaCFP workshops have since been organized as pre-events to recent IAFSS Symposia: the first in Summer, 2017 in Lund, Sweden, and the second, in Spring, 2021 which was hosted virtually by the University of Waterloo, Canada. This paper details the planning and coordination needed to organize the Condensed Phase Subgroup's contribution to these two events, with special emphasis on the efforts enabling the 2021 Workshop, including: identification, procurement, and distribution of a reference material; development of guidelines for reporting experimental measurements; and development and maintenance of an online repository for experimental measurements and related analysis scripts. Preliminary experimental results submitted to the 2021 Condensed Phase MaCFP Workshop are also briefly discussed.
Proceedings Title
ASTM Selected Technical Papers (STP)
Conference Dates
December 14-16, 2021
Conference Location
Atlanta, GA, US
Conference Title
ASTM E05 - Symposium on Obtaining Data for Fire Growth Models


Fire Modeling, Material Flammability, Pyrolysis


Leventon, I. , Batiot, B. , Bruns, M. , Hostikka, S. , Nakamura, Y. , Reszka, P. , Rogaume, T. and Stoliarov, S. (2021), The MaCFP Condensed Phase Working Group: A Structured, Global Effort Towards Pyrolysis Model Development, ASTM Selected Technical Papers (STP), Atlanta, GA, US, [online], (Accessed December 5, 2023)
Created November 23, 2021, Updated November 29, 2022