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Investigating the Cut-off Effect of n-alcohols on Lipid Movement: A Biophysical Study

July 5, 2023
Michael H. Nguyen, Dominik Dziura, Mitchell DiPasquale, Stuart R. Castillo, Elizabeth Kelley, Drew Marquardt
Cellular membranes are responsible for absorbing the effects of external perturbants for the cell's survival. Such perturbants include small ubiquitous molecules like n-alcohols which were observed to exhibit anesthetic capabilities, with this effect

Mitocans Induce Lipid Flip-Flop and Permeabilize the Membrane to Signal Apoptosis

June 6, 2023
Stuart R. Castillo, Michael H. Nguyen, Mitchell DiPasquale, Elizabeth Kelley, Drew Marquardt
Pancratistatin (PST) and narciclasine (NRC) are natural therapeutic agents which exhibit specificity towards the mitochondria of cancerous cells and initiate apoptosis. Unlike traditional cancer therapeutic agents, PST and NRC are effective, targeted, and

Investigating the Effect of Medium Chain Triglycerides on the Elasticity of Pulmonary Surfactant

April 17, 2023
Dominik Dziura, Stuart R. Castillo, Mitchell DiPasquale, Omotaya Gbadamosi, Piotr Zolnierczuk, Michihiro Nagao, Elizabeth Kelley, Drew Marquardt
In recent years, vaping has increased in both popularity and ease of access. This has led to an outbreak of a relatively new condition known as e-cigarette/vaping-associated lung injury (EVALI). This injury can be caused by physical interactions between

Nanoscale Bending Dynamics in Mixed-Chain Lipid Membranes

January 9, 2023
Elizabeth Kelley, Moritz Frewein, Orsolya Czakkel, Michihiro Nagao
Lipids that have two tails of different lengths are found throughout biomembranes in nature, yet the effects of this asymmetry on the membrane properties, are not well understood, especially when it comes to the membrane dynamics. Here we study the

Vitamin E does not Disturb Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Lipid Domains

November 1, 2022
Mitchell DiPasquale, Michael H. Nguyen, Stuart R. Castillo, Isabelle J. Dib, Elizabeth Kelley, Drew Marquardt
The antioxidant function of vitamin E in biomembranes remains a prominent topic of discussion. As its limitations as an antioxidant persist and novel functions are discovered, our understanding of the role of vitamin E becomes increasingly enigmatic. As a

a-Synuclein Interaction with Lipid Bilayer Discs

August 23, 2022
Marija Dubackic, Yun Liu, Elizabeth Kelley, Crispin Hetherington, Michael Haertlein, Juliette Devos, Sara Linse, Emma Sparr, Ulf Olsson
α-Synuclein (aSyn) is a 140 residue long protein that is present in presynaptic termini of nerve cells. The protein is also pathologically associated with Parkinson's disease, where it has been found to self-assemble into long amyloid fibrils forming

Probing the Link between Pancratistatin and Mitochondrial Apoptosis through Changes in the Membrane Dynamics on the Nanoscale

June 6, 2022
Stuart R. Castillo, Brett W. Rickeard, Mitchell DiPasquale, Michael H. Nguyen, Aislyn Lewis-Laurent, Milka Doktorova, Batuhan Kav, Markus S. Miettinen, Michihiro Nagao, Elizabeth Kelley, Drew Marquardt
Pancratistatin (PST) is a natural antiviral alkaloid that has demonstrated specificity towards cancerous cells and explicitly targets the mitochondria. PST initiates apoptosis while leaving healthy, noncancerous cells unscathed. However, the manner by

The Very Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Instrument at the National Institute of Standards and Technology

February 27, 2022
John Barker, James Moyer, Steven Kline, G. Jensen, Jeremy Cook, Cedric V. Gagnon, Elizabeth Kelley, Jean Philippe Chabot, Nicholas C. Maliszewskyj, Chirag B. Parikh, Wangchun Chen, C. Glinka
A description and the performance of the Very Small-Angle Neutron Scattering (VSANS) Diffractometer at the National Institute of Standards and Technology are presented. The measurement range of the instrument extends over three decades of momentum transfer

Transformation of Lipid Vesicles into Micelles by Adding Nonionic Surfactants: Elucidating the Structural Pathway and the Intermediate Structures

March 24, 2022
Igor K. Mkam Tsengam, Marzhana Omarova, Elizabeth Kelley, Alon V. McCormick, Geoffrey D. Bothun, Srinivasa R. Raghavan, Vijay T. John
The phospholipid lecithin (L) and the nonionic surfactant Tween 80 (T) are used together in various contexts, including in drug delivery and oil spill remediation. There is hence a need to elucidate the nanostructures in L/T mixtures, which is the focus of

Relationship between Viscosity and Acyl Tail Dynamics in Lipid Bilayers

August 12, 2021
Michihiro Nagao, Elizabeth Kelley, Antonio Faraone, Makina Saito, Yoshitaka Yoda, Masayuki Kurokuzu, Shinichi Takata, Makoto Seto, Paul Butler
Membrane viscosity is a fundamental property that controls molecular transport and structural rearrangements in lipid membranes. Given its importance in many cell processes, various experimental and computational methods have been developed to measure the

Collective Dynamics in Lipid Membranes Containing Transmembrane Peptides

June 21, 2021
Elizabeth Kelley, Paul Butler, Michihiro Nagao
Biological membranes are composed of complex mixtures of lipids and proteins that influence each other's structure and function. The biological activities of many channel-forming peptides and proteins are known to depend on the material properties of the

Membrane transporter dimerization driven by differential lipid solvation energetics of dissociated and associated states

April 7, 2021
Rahul Chadda, Nathan Bernhardt, Elizabeth Kelley, Susana Marujo Teixeira, Kacie Griffith, Alejandro Gil-Ley, Tugba Ozturk, Lauren Hughes, Ana Forsythe, Venkatramanan Krishnamani, Jose Faraldo-Gomez, Janice Robertson
Over two-thirds of integral membrane proteins of known structure assemble into oligomers. Yet, the forces that drive the association of these proteins remain to be delineated, as the lipid bilayer is a solvent environment that is both structurally and

Implementation of a Self-Consistent Slab Model of Bilayer Structure in the SasView Suite

February 1, 2021
Luoxi Tan, James G. Elkins, Brian H. Davison, Elizabeth Kelley, Jonathan Nickels
Slab models are simple and useful structural descriptions which have long been used to describe lyotropic lamellar phases, such as lipid bilayers. Typically, slab models break a bilayer structure into three pieces, an inner solvent-free core and two

Time-Resolved SANS Reveals Pore-Forming Peptides Cause Rapid Lipid Reorganization

January 15, 2021
Michael H. Nguyen, Mitchell DiPasquale, Brett W. Rickeard, Caesar G. Yip, Kaity N. Greco, Elizabeth Kelley, Drew Marquardt
Cells depend on proper lipid transport and their precise distribution for vital cellular function. Disruption of such lipid organization can be initiated by external agents to cause cell death. Here, we investigate two antimicrobial pore-forming peptides

Complex by Design: Hydrotrope-Induced Micellar Growth in Deep Eutectic Solvents

January 1, 2021
Adrian Sanchez-Fernandez, Anna E. Leung, Elizabeth Kelley, Andrew J. Jackson
Here the microstructure of hydrotrope-surfactant assemblies in 1:2 choline chloride:glycerol (ChCl:Glyc) is presented. The effect of choline salicylate (ChSal) on the micellization of hexadecyltrimethylammonium chloride (C 16TAC) was investigated by

Enhance Dynamics in the Anomalous Melting Regime of DMPG Lipid Membranes

October 16, 2020
Elizabeth Kelley, Michihiro Nagao, Paul Butler, Lionel Porcar, Bela Farago
Like many soft materials, lipids undergo a melting transition associated with a significant increase in their dynamics. At temperatures below the main melting transition (T m), all molecular and collective dynamics are suppressed, while above T m the alkyl

Scaling Relationships for the Elastic Moduli and Viscosity of Mixed Lipid Membranes

September 21, 2020
Elizabeth Kelley, Paul Butler, Rana Ashkar, Robert Bradbury, Michihiro Nagao
The elastic and viscous properties of biological membranes play a vital role in controlling cell functions that require local reorganization of the membrane components as well as dramatic shape changes such as endocytosis, vesicular trafficking, and cell

The Antioxidant Vitamin E as a Membrane Raft Modulator: Tocopherols do not Abolish Lipid Domains

August 1, 2020
Mitchell DiPasquale, Michael H. Nguyen, Brett W. Rickeard, Nicole Cesca, Christopher Tannous, Stuart R. Castillo, John Katsaras, Elizabeth Kelley, Frederick A. Heberle, Drew Marquardt
A great deal of individuals across North America regularly supplement their diet with the antioxidant, vitamin E. This billion-dollar supplementation industry encourages the use of vitamin E with little evidence supporting its actual health benefits