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Color, Structure, and Rheology of a Diblock Bottlebrush Copolymer Solution

June 7, 2020
Matthew A. Wade, Dylan Walsh, Johnny Ching-Wei Lee, Elizabeth Kelley, Kathleen Weigandt, Damien Guironnet, Simon A. Rogers
A structure-property-process relation is established for a diblock bottlebrush copolymer solution, through a combination of rheo-neutron scattering, imaging, and rheological measurements. Polylactic acid-b-polystyrene diblock bottlebrush copolymers were

Interleaflet Coupling of n-Alkane Incorporated Bilayers

March 14, 2020
Hatsuho Usuda, Mafumi Hishida, Elizabeth Kelley, Yasuhisa Yamamura, Michihiro Nagao, Kazuya Saito
The relationship between the membrane bending modulus (k) and compressibility modulus (KA) depends on the extent of coupling between the two monolayers (leaflets). Using neutron spin echo (NSE) spectroscopy, we investigate the effects of n-alkanes on the

Transverse Lipid Organization Dictates Bending Fluctuations in Model Plasma Membranes

January 21, 2020
Brett W. Rickeard, Michael H. Nguyen, Mitchell DiPasquale, Caesar G. Yip, Hamilton Baker, Frederick A. Heberle, Xiaobing Zuo, Elizabeth Kelley, Michihiro Nagao, Drew Marquardt
Bending fluctuation is one of the most important dynamic modes of lipid membranes. These fluctuations play a vital role in many biological processes, most notoriously, contributing to the regulation of membrane protein activity. We investigated the bending

Clusters of Nanoscale Liposomes Modulate the Release of Encapsulated Species and Mimic the Compartmentalization Intrinsic in Cell Structures

October 23, 2019
Igor Kevin Mkam Tsengam, Marzhana Omarova, Lauren Shepherd, Nicholas Sandoval, Jibao He, Elizabeth Kelley, Vijay John
We report the ability to place a high concentration of liposomes in a confined volume as a multicompartment cluster that mimics biological cells and allows for the modulation of release of encapsulated species. The formation of these coated

Strain Shifts under Stress-controlled Oscillatory Shearing in Theoretical, Experimental and Structural Perspectives: Application to Probing Zero-Shear Viscosity

September 23, 2019
Johnny Ching-Wei Lee, Yu-Tong Hong, Kathleen Weigandt, Elizabeth Kelley, Hyunjoon Kong, Simon A. Rogers
Strain response under stress-driven oscillatory shearing could shift from the origin. The phenomenology is experimentally confirmed with entangled polymer-like micelles and polyethylene oxide solutions. A theory of strain shifting is provided based on the

Methanol Accelerates DMPC Flip-Flop and Transfer: A SANS Study on Lipid Dynamics

March 5, 2019
Michael H. L. Nguyen, Mitchell DiPasquale, Brett W. Rickeard, Christopher B. Stanley, Elizabeth Kelley, Drew Marquardt
Methanol is a common solubilizing agent used for the study of transmembrane proteins/peptides in biological and synthetic membranes. Using small angle neutron scattering (SANS) and a strategic contrast matching scheme, we show that methanol has a unique

Scaling of Lipid Membrane Rigidity with Domain Area Fraction

February 21, 2019
Elizabeth G. Kelley, Michihiro Nagao, Paul D. Butler
The elastic properties of cell membranes play a vital role in controlling the morphology changes necessary for cell processes such as endocytosis and cell division. These elastic properties are highly sensitive to the lipid composition and distribution

Tuning Biocompatible Block Copolymer Micelles by Varying Solvent Composition: Core/Corona Structure and Solvent Uptake

May 4, 2017
Tyler J. Cooksey, Avantika Singh, Kim Mai Le, Shu Wang, Elizabeth Kelley, Lilin He, Sameer Vajjala Kesava, Enrique D. Gomez, Bryce E. Kidd, Louis A. Madsen, Megan L. Robertson
The structural properties and solvent uptake of biocompatible poly(ethylene oxide-b/}-ε-caprolactone) (PEO-PCL) diblock copolymers in deuterated water (D 2O)/tetrahydrofuran (THF d8) mixtures were investigated with a combination of small-angle neutron