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Submillimeter Wavelength Scattering from Random Rough Surfaces

Erich N. Grossman, Richard A. Chamberlin, David R. Novotny, Joshua A. Gordon, Nina P. Basta
We describe bistatic scattering measurements on eight reference targets constructed from Al2O3 grit of various sizes embedded in an absorptive epoxy matrix

650 GHz bistatic scattering measurements on human skin

Richard A. Chamberlin, Natalie P. Mujica-Schwahn, Erich N. Grossman
Many groups are developing submillimeter cameras that will be used to screen human subjects for improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and other threat items

Terahertz Active and Passive Imaging

Erich N. Grossman, Joshua A. Gordon, David R. Novotny, Richard A. Chamberlin
We describe the results of bistatic scattering measurements covering 325-650 GHz on a series of wellcharacterized random rough test surfaces. These have

Carbon nanotube arrays for absolute IR and THz radiometry

John H. Lehman, Kerry N. Betz, Erich N. Grossman
We have assembled and evaluated a novel electrically calibrated thermopile having an array of 1.5 mm long multiwalled carbon nanotubes as the radiation absorber

Terahertz metrology and instrumentation

Erich N. Grossman, Zoya Popovic
This paper gives an overview of measurement techniques used in the THz region of the electromagnetic spectrum, from about 100 GHz to several THz. Currently

Imaging with modular linear arrays of cryogenic Nb microbolometers

Erich N. Grossman, Charles Dietlein, Jon E. Bjarnason, Mabel Ramirez, M. Leivo, J. A. Penttila, P. Helisto, A. Luukanen
We present ultrawideband imagery obtained with modular, 8-element, superconducting Nb microbolometer arrays. Conically scanned images are presented and compared

A W-band polarization converter and isolator

Charles Dietlein, A. Luukanen, Zoya Popovic, Erich N. Grossman
This paper presents a 95-GHz printed low-loss linear-to-circular polarizer designed as a component of an active direct-detection millimeter-wave imaging system