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Imaging with modular linear arrays of cryogenic Nb microbolometers



Erich N. Grossman, Charles Dietlein, Jon E. Bjarnason, Mabel Ramirez, M. Leivo, J. A. Penttila, P. Helisto, A. Luukanen


We present ultrawideband imagery obtained with modular, 8-element, superconducting Nb microbolometer arrays. Conically scanned images are presented and compared with raster-scanned images obtained on the same arrays and from similar NbN arrays at VTT. Statistical data on detector non-uniformity, and methods for mitigating and compensating it are described. Low-noise readout is accomplished with room-temperature electronics using the transimpedance scheme of Pentilla et al. Characterization of spatial resolution, noise-equivalent temperature difference, and spectral response is done using metrology tools - standard targets, mm-wave blackbodies, and variable filters - that have been developed at NIST for this purpose.
Proceedings Title
Proc., SPIE
Vol. 6948
Conference Dates
March 17-20, 2008
Conference Location
Orlando, FL
Conference Title
SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, Defense & Security Symposium


imaging, microbolometer arrays, millimeter-wave, terahertz


Grossman, E. , Dietlein, C. , Bjarnason, J. , Ramirez, M. , Leivo, M. , Penttila, J. , Helisto, P. and Luukanen, A. (2008), Imaging with modular linear arrays of cryogenic Nb microbolometers, Proc., SPIE, Orlando, FL, [online], (Accessed July 25, 2024)


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Created March 17, 2008, Updated February 19, 2017