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Timothy S. Weeks, Joseph D. McColskey, Mark D. Richards, Yong-Yi Wang, Marie A. Quintana
The curved-wide plate (CWP) tests are frequently used for assessing the quality of pipeline girth welds. Despite a large number of CWP tests having been

CTOA Testing of Pipeline Steels Using MDCB Specimens

Robert L. Amaro, Jeffrey W. Sowards, Elizabeth S. Drexler, Joseph D. McColskey, Christopher N. McCowan
Crack tip opening angle (CTOA) is used to rank the relative resistance to crack extension of various pipeline steels. In general, the smaller the CTOA value

Ductile-Fracture Resistance in X100 Pipeline Welds Measured with CTOA

Elizabeth S. Drexler, Philippe P. Darcis, Christopher N. McCowan, Jeffrey W. Sowards, Joseph D. McColskey, Thomas A. Siewert
A test for evaluation of resistance to ductile fracture (crack tip opening angle, CTOA) was found to reveal changes in crack propagation through the strain and

Fatigue Pre-Cracking Curved Wide Plates in Bending

Mark D. Richards, Timothy S. Weeks, Joseph D. McColskey, Bo Wang, Yong-Yi Wang
In support of using high strength steels for strain-based design of pipeline, curved wide plate (CWP) tests in tension are being performed on API 5L X100 pipes