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The IEEE TC-10 Standards: Update 2019

February 28, 2020
Nicholas G. Paulter Jr., Sergio Rapuano, Luca De Vito, John R. Jendzurski, W. B. Boyer, S. J. Tilden
There is a global need to standardize the terms and the test and computational methods that are used to describe and/or measure the parameters that characterize and define the performance of devices that generate signals and subsequently measure and

Image Quality Testing: Selection of Images for Assessing Test Subject Input

September 2, 2014
John R. Jendzurski, Nicholas G. Paulter Jr.
Determining image quality is dependent to some degree on human interpretation. Although entirely subjective methods of evaluating image quality may be adequate for consumer applications, they are not acceptable for security and safety applications where

The Forthcoming IEEE Standard 1696 on Test Methods for Characterizing Circuit Probes

May 6, 2013
Nicholas Paulter, John Jendzurski, Mike McTigue, Bill Hagerup, Thomas E. Linnenbrink
The Technical Committee 10 (TC10) of the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society initiated a new standards activity in 2006 for the development of test methods to characterize the performance of circuit probes. This standard contains a set of

Calibration of Speed Enforcement Down-the-Road Radars

May 1, 2009
John R. Jendzurski, Nicholas G. Paulter Jr.
We examine the measurement uncertainty associated with different methods of calibrating the ubiquitous down-the-road (DTR) radar used in speed enforcement. These calibration methods include the use of audio frequency sources, tuning forks, a fifth wheel