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In situ Probing of Interfacial Roughness and Transient Phases During Ceramic Cold Sintering Process

October 15, 2023
Fan Zhang, Russell Maier, Igor Levin, Andrew J. Allen, Jun-Sang Park, Peter Kenesei, Ivan Kuzmenko, Jan Ilavsky, Pete Jemian
The ceramic cold sintering process (CSP) offers an eco-friendly approach to producing fully dense ceramics at low temperatures. However, an incomplete mechanistic understanding hinders its optimization and widespread adoption. In this study, we analyze the

Self-Assembled Multiferroic Nanostructures in CoFe 2 O 4- PbTiO 3 System

October 12, 2021
Jiying Li, Igor Levin, Julia Slutsker, Virgil Provenzano, Peter K. Schenck, J.H. Yang, Alexander L. Roytburd
The effect of substrate orientation of the morphologies of epitaxial self-assembled nanostructures was demonstrated using newly synthesized multiferroic 0.67PbTiO3-0.33CoFe2O4 nanocomposite thin films. The two-phase nanostructures were grown on single

SiO 2 /Si 3 N 4 /A1 2 O 3 Stacks on Silicon for Scaled-Down Memory Devices: Effects of Interfaces and Thermal Annealing

October 12, 2021
M Lisiansky, A Heiman, M Kovler, Y Roizin, Igor Levin, A Gladkikh, M Oksman, R Edrei, A A. Hofman, Y Shnieder, T Claasen
Effects of interfaces and thermal annealing on the electrical performance of the SiO2/Si3N4/A12O3 (ONA) stacks in non-volatile memory devices were investigated. Structural and electrical characterization demonstrated the principal role of the Si3N4/A12O3

Solidus Phase Relationships in the AO-Al 2 O 3 -Nb 2 O 5 (A = Ca, Sr) Systems

October 12, 2021
Julia Y. Chan, Wilma Feb-Ayala, L D. Rotter, Igor Levin, Richard G. Geyer
Dielectric ceramics for wireless communications exhibiting modest permittivity, high quality factor (Q), and near-zero temperature coefficient are needed for high frequency, high power applications. Efforts are in progress to replace Ta 2 O 5 -based

Tailoring the High-K Gate Dielectric/Sillicon Interface for CMOS Applications

October 12, 2021
Y S. Lin, R Puthenkovilakam, J P. Chang, C P. Bouldin, Igor Levin, Nhan Van Nguyen, Y Sun, P Pianetta, T Conard, W Vandervorst, V Venturo, S Selbrede
The interfacial properties, thermal stabilities, and the electrical characteristics of ZrO 2 / Si and ZrO 2 /SiO 2 /Si were investigated and the interfacial layer of as-deposited ZrO 2 on silicon is likely to be ZrSi x O y . The ZrO 2 /ZrSi x O y /Si is

The Nanostructure Problem

October 12, 2021
Simon J. Billinge, Igor Levin
The powerful methods we have for solving the atomic structure of bulk crystals fail for nanostructured materials and there are currently no broadly applicable, quantitative and robust methods to replace them. The solution of this nanostructure problem is

Effects of Octahedral Tilting on the Site of Substitution of Manganese in CaTiO3

January 22, 2021
Russell Maier, Kevin Garrity, Matthew P. Donohue, Andrzej Ozarowski, Igor Levin
Combined electron-paramagnetic-resonance and X-ray absorption spectroscopies with first principles calculations were used to investigate the substitutional behavior of Mn ions in perovskite CaTiO3 ceramics. While transition-metal dopants in perovskite

In situ characterization of ceramic cold sintering by small-angle scattering

January 1, 2021
Andrew J. Allen, Igor Levin, Russell Maier, Suzanne E. Witt, Fan Zhang, Ivan Kuzmenko
The first in situ characterization of the pore morphology evolution during the cold sintering process (CSP) is presented using small-angle X-ray scattering methods. For practical reasons, measurements have been made on a model system, KH2PO4 (KDP). The

Materials Research & Measurement Needs for Ceramics Additive Manufacturing

November 1, 2020
Andrew J. Allen, Igor Levin, Suzanne E. Witt
We report on a recent workshop dedicated to additive manufacturing (AM) of ceramics that was held at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in November 2019. This two- day all-invited meeting brought together experts from industry

Ba8Cu16As30: A cationic-framework clathrate-I arsenide

August 10, 2018
Kaya Wei, Artem R. Khabibullin, Dean Hobbis, Winnie Wong-Ng, Tieyan Chang, SuYin G. Wang, Igor Levin, Yu-Sheng Chen, Lilia M. Woods, George S. Nolas
Single crystals of clathrate-I Ba8Cu16As30 have been synthesized, and their structure and electronic properties deter-mined using synchrotron-based X-ray diffraction and first principles calculations. The structure is confirmed to be cubic and defined by a