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Spinor Dynamics in an Antiferromagnetic spin-1 Thermal Bose Gas

Hyewon K. Pechkis, Jonathan Wrubel, Arne Schwettmann, Paul Griffin, Ryan Barnett, Eite Tiesinga, Paul D. Lett
We present experimental observations of coherent spin-population oscillations in a cold thermal, Bose gas of spin-1 23Na atoms. The population oscillations in a

Demonstration of Superluminal Images

Ryan T. Glasser, Ulrich Vogl, Paul D. Lett
Optical pulse propagation with group velocities larger than the speed of light in vacuum, c, or negative, have been demonstrated theoretically and

Low Noise Amplification of a Continuous Variable Quantum State

Raphael C. Pooser, Alberto M. Marino, Vincent Boyer, Kevin M. Jones, Paul D. Lett
We present an experimental realization of a low-noise, universal, phase-insensitive optical amplifier using four-wave mixing interaction in hot Rb vapor

Tunable Delay of Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Entanglement

Alberto M. Marino, Raphael C. Pooser, Vincent Boyer, Paul D. Lett
Entanglement is an important quantum resource which displays correlations between two subsystems that are stronger than the ones that can be obtained

Production of Entangled Images by Four-Wave Mixing

Alberto M. Marino, Vincent Boyer, Raphael C. Pooser, Paul D. Lett
One of the most important resources in quantum mechanics is entanglement, which is characterized by correlations stronger than the ones allowed classically. As

Entangled Images from Four-Wave Mixing

Vincent Boyer, Alberto M. Marino, Raphael C. Pooser, Paul D. Lett
Two beams of light can be quantum mechanically entangled through correlations of their phase and intensity fluctuations. For a pair of spatially extended image

Spinor Dynamics in an Antiferromagnetic Spin-1 Condensate

A T. Black, Eduardo Gomez, Lincoln Turner, Sebastian Jung, Paul D. Lett
We observed coherent spin oscillations in an antiferromagnetic spin-1 Bose-Einstein condensate of sodium. The variation of the spin oscillations with magnetic

Light Force in Ultracold Photoassociation

Eduardo Gomez, A T. Black, Lincoln Turner, Eite Tiesinga, Paul D. Lett
We study the time-resolved photoassociation of ultracold sodium in an optical dipole trap. The photoassociation laser excites pairs of atoms to molecular states