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Delocalized Correlations in Twin Light Beams with Orbital Angular Momentum



Alberto M. Marino, Vincent Boyer, Raphael C. Pooser, Paul D. Lett, Kristin Lemons, Kevin Jones


We generate intensity-difference-squeezed Laguerre-Gauss twin beams carrying orbital angular momentum using 4-wave mixing (4WM) in a hot atomic vapor. The conservation of orbital angular momentum in the 4WM process is studied as well as the spatial distribution of the quantum correlations obtained with different configurations of orbital angular momentum. Intensity-difference squeezing of up to 6.7 dB is demonstrated with beams carrying orbital angular momentum and delocalized spatial correlations are observed.
Physical Review Letters


four-wave mixing, laguerre-gauss beams, nonclassical light, nonlinear optics, orbital angular momentum, squeezed light


Marino, A. , Boyer, V. , Pooser, R. , Lett, P. , Lemons, K. and Jones, K. (2008), Delocalized Correlations in Twin Light Beams with Orbital Angular Momentum, Physical Review Letters (Accessed April 20, 2024)
Created August 29, 2008, Updated February 17, 2017