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Low Noise Amplification of a Continuous Variable Quantum State



Raphael C. Pooser, Alberto M. Marino, Vincent Boyer, Kevin M. Jones, Paul D. Lett


We present an experimental realization of a low-noise, universal, phase-insensitive optical amplifier using four-wave mixing interaction in hot Rb vapor. Performance near the quantum limit for a range of amplifier gains, including near unity, can be achieved. Such low-noise amplifiers are essential for so called quantum cloning machines and are useful in quantum information protocols. We demonstrate that amplification and "cloning" of one half of a two-mode squeezed state is possible while preserving entanglement.
Physical Review Letters


entanglement, entanglement cloning, phase-insensitive amplification, quantum cloning, squeezed light


Pooser, R. , Marino, A. , Boyer, V. , Jones, K. and Lett, P. (2009), Low Noise Amplification of a Continuous Variable Quantum State, Physical Review Letters (Accessed April 17, 2024)
Created June 29, 2009, Updated February 19, 2017