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Millimeter-Wave Channel Measurement and Modeling: A NIST Perspective

Camillo A. Gentile, Peter B. Papazian, Nada T. Golmie, Catherine A. Remley, Peter G. Vouras, Jelena Senic, Jian Wang, Jack Chuang, Ruoyu Sun
The exponential increase in wireless data transmission from smartphones has led to the saturation of the sub-6-GHz bands, forcing cellular providers to migrate

Determining Carbon Fiber Composite Loading by Flip-Chip on a Coplanar Waveguide to 110GHz

Nina P. Basta, Jasper A. Drisko, Aaron M. Hagerstrom, Joshua A. Orlicki, Jennifer M. Sietins, Daniel B. Knorr, Jr., Edward J. Garboczi, Christian J. Long, Nathan D. Orloff
The electrical properties of materials are a necessary part of any circuit design. As applications at millimeter-wave frequen-cies increase, there is a growing

Persistence of Electromagnetic Units in Magnetism

Ronald B. Goldfarb
The centimeter-gram-second system of electromagnetic units (EMU) has been used in magnetism since the late 19th century. The International System of Units (SI)

Uncertainties in Rydberg Atom-based RF E-field Measurements

Matthew T. Simons, Marcus D. Kautz, Joshua A. Gordon, Christopher L. Holloway
A new atom-based electric (E) field measurement approach (using Rydberg atoms) is being investigated by several groups around the world as a means to develop a

10 T? and 100 T? Resistance Comparison between NIST and AIST

Dean G. Jarrett, Takehiko Oe, Nobu Kaneko, Shamith U. Payagala
We report the results of a comparison of 10 TΩ and 100 TΩ high resistance standards between the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the

A Self-Calibrated Transfer Standard for Microwave Calorimetry

Dazhen Gu, Xifeng Lu, Benjamin F. Jamroz, Dylan F. Williams, Billy F. Riddle, Xiaohai Cui
We develop a new calibration technique for measuring the correction factor of a calorimeter with a vector network analyzer. Based on a wave-parameter
Displaying 26 - 50 of 1522