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Superconductivity in Co-Layered LaCoSi

September 21, 2021
Zhengwen He, Rongjin Huang, Kaiyao Zhou, Ye Liu, Shibin Guo, Yuzhu Song, Zhongnan Guo, Shuxian Hu, Lunhua He, Qingzhen Huang, Laifeng Li, Jingyan Zhang, Shouguo Wang, Jiangang Guo, Xianran Xing, Jun Chen

Pendellosung Interferometry Probes the Neutron Charge Radius, Lattice Dynamics, and Fifth Forces

September 10, 2021
Benjamin J. Heacock, Robert W. Haun, Michael G. Huber, Albert Henins, Robert C. Valdillez, Takuhiro Fujiie, Katsuya Hirota, Masaaki Kitaguchi, Hirohiko Shimizu, Takuya Hosobata, Masahiro Takeda, Yutaka Yamagata
Structure factors describe how incident radiation is scattered from materials such as silicon and germanium and characterize the physical interaction between the material and scattered particles. We used neutron Pendellösung interferometry to make

A Combinatory Ferroelectric Compound Bridging Simple ABO 3 and A-Site-Ordered Quadruple Perovskite

September 9, 2021
Jianfa Zhao, Jiacheng Gao, Wenmin Li, Yuting Qian, Xiao Wang, Xi Shen, Zhiwei Hu, Cheng Dong, Qingzhen Huang, Lipeng Cao, Zhi Li, Jun Zhang, Chongwen Ren, Lei Duan, Qingqing Liu, Richeng Yu, Yang Ren, Shih-Chang Weng, Hong-Ji Lin, Chien-Te Chen, Liu-Hao Tjeng, Youwen Long, Zheng Deng, Jinlong Zhu, Xiancheng Wang, Hongming Weng, Runze Yu, Martha Greenblatt, Changqing Jin

Neutron Scattering Investigations of the Global and Local Structures of Ammine Yttrium Borohydrides

July 22, 2021
Jakob Grinderslev, Mikael S. Andersson, Benjamin Trump, Wei Zhou, Terrence J. Udovic, Maths Karlsson, Torben Jensen
Complex metal hydrides are a fascinating and continuously expanding class of materials with many properties relevant for solid-state hydrogen and ammonia storage and solid state electrolytes. The crystal structures are often investigated using powder X-ray

Antiferromagnetic Order and Spin-Canting Transition in the Corrugated Square Net Compound Cu 3 (TeO 4 )(SO 4 ):H 2 O

July 19, 2021
Zhi-Cheng Wang, Kulatheepan Thanabalasingam, Jan P. Scheifers, Alenna Streeter, Gregory T. McCandless, Jonathan N. Gaudet, Craig Brown, Carlo U. Segre, Julia Y. Chan, Fazel Tafti
Strongly correlated electrons in layered perovskite structures have been the birthplace of high-temperature superconductivity, spin liquid, and quantum criticality. Specifically, the cuprate materials with layered structures made of corner sharing square
Displaying 1 - 25 of 609