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Improved measurement capabilities at the NIST EUV Reflectometry Facility



Charles S. Tarrio, Steven E. Grantham, Thomas A. Germer, Jack C. Rife, Thomas B. Lucatorto, Mike Kriese, Yuriy Platonov, Licai Jiang, Jim Rodriguez


The NIST Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Reflectometry Facility was designed in the 1990s to accommodate the largest multilayer optics envisioned at that time. However, with increasing power requirements for an EUV scanner, source collection optics have grown larger and more steeply curved than our original design would allow. To accommodate these changes, the mechanical and operational parameters of the facility have been upgraded. In order to access the entire surface of a larger optic, we have installed an auxiliary off-axis rotation stage allowing an increase in maximum optic size from 350 mm to 450 mm. Likewise, to deal with the deeper sags and steeper slopes of these optics, we have had to significantly expand our data analysis capabilities. In order to make these measurements, we are forced to reflect out of the vertical plane, but this requirement allows us to make measurements for effectively unpolarized radiation, which is useful for EUV lithography optics such as source collectors.
SPIE Conference Proceedings


Extreme ultraviolet, at-wavelength metrology, collector optics, source metrology


Tarrio, C. , Grantham, S. , Germer, T. , Rife, J. , Lucatorto, T. , Kriese, M. , Platonov, Y. , Jiang, L. and Rodriguez, J. (2014), Improved measurement capabilities at the NIST EUV Reflectometry Facility, SPIE Conference Proceedings (Accessed April 12, 2024)
Created August 1, 2014, Updated February 19, 2017