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NIST Genome Editing Consortium: Working Group 2 - Data & Metadata


  1. Identify community norms for data formats and tools for benchmarking data analysis including in silico and experimental data sets.
  2. Determine the types of metadata that would be needed to be shared, housed, and interrogated from genome editing experiments.


  • Transfer of knowledge & reproducibility
  • Community norms for minimum data reporting and tools for supporting data analysis


Working Group 2 - Data & Metadata Questions
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  • What are the data we are generating?
  • When do we need to collect the metadata?
  • How do we store the data and metadata?
  • Where do we store the data and metadata?

Use metadata from consortium studies and benchmark datasets as shared resources for the community.



  • Develop a metadata schema for genome editing experiments
  • Develop a way of curating and entry that is low burden for user
  • Release control data with linked metadata


  • Phase1 metadata entries and templates completed
  • In process of compiling and testing use cases, user interfaces, and interoperability of metadata standard format and database(s) to house records
Created May 8, 2023