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Emerging Technologies in Healthcare


It is hard to imagine a world now without sophisticated medical devices, efficient electronic data transfer of real-time health information and high-tech operating rooms – health IT solutions that are improving outcomes and transforming healthcare delivery. Over the past several decades, NIST has played a key role in achieving this world by conducting fundamental research, advancing measurement science, and supporting the development of standards that make it possible.

Today, NIST's cutting-edge initiatives are setting the standards for a future that offers even more promise for evolving healthcare through technology in the United States. NIST Initiatives are examining the best ways for humans to interact and interface with next-generation health IT. They are significantly improving medical device interoperability and making healthcare safer in the process. NIST researchers are exploring a new world in which critical patient diagnostic or treatment information can be collected and transmitted continuously by miniature implanted sensors or smart pills.

That future is right around the corner. Visit the Related Activities to discover more.




Created April 3, 2017, Updated April 2, 2019