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Thermometry Calibration Services

The Thermodynamic Metrology Group provides calibration, certification, and test services for thermometric artifacts over the range from 0.65 K to 2,100 °C and humidity artifacts over the range from –100 °C to 85 °C. Additionally, special services are available for prototype artifacts, non-standard artifacts and proficiency tests.

Specific information regarding each service is accessed through the links given below:

Thermometry Calibrations

Industrial thermometers
 – resistance or thermocouple probes
 – digital readouts with probes

♦ Liquid-in-glass thermometers
 – mercury -- DISCONTINUED 1-Mar-2011
 – organic 

 – base metal
 – noble metal
 – pure metal

♦ ITS-90 defining artifacts (Ar TP to Ag FP)
 – standard platinum resistance thermometers
 – fixed-point cell

♦ Cryogenic resistance thermometers (0.65 K to 165 K)
 – capsule standard platinum resistance thermometers
 – rhodium-iron
 – germanium
 – platinum cobalt
 – zirconium nitride, ruthenia

♦ Special tests for thermometry
 – prototype equipment
 – bridge certification
 – proficiency testing

Humidity Calibrations

♦ Trace moisture hygrometers

 – chilled mirror
 – electric
 – electrolytic
 – optical spectrographic
 – infrared
 – aspirated
 – pneumatic bridge
 – RH probes

Pressure and Vacuum Calibrations

Vacuum gauges
 – spinning rotor gauges
 – ionization gauges

Leak artifacts

Piston gauges and pressure transducers

Low pressure gauges

How to Arrange a Calibration

  1. Contact the staff member in charge of the calibration service for your artifact with any technical or calibration cost questions.
  2. Most calibrations are performed on a first come first serve basis. Some calibrations are performed in batches. Contact staff member for scheduling.
  3. If you are sending an SPRT for calibration, please measure the triple point of water resistance R(TPW) before shipping.
  4. Ship your artifact with a copy of the purchase order. Use a sturdy box in which we can return the calibrated instrument.
  5. The purchase order my be sent to contact by e-mail, fax, or mail. Please include the following information:
    • Service ID for calibration
    • Model and serial number of your artifact
    • Customer contact name, address, phone, and email
    • Return shipping method (e.g., shipping account number)
    • R(TPW) value (if applicable, see #3 above)

General information regarding calibrations at may be found on the webpage, NIST Calibration Services.

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Created April 29, 2009, Updated May 11, 2021