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SP 250 Series from Sensor Science Division

The Special Publication 250 series on NIST Measurement Services present the detailed descriptions of many of the Calibration Services offered by NIST. Below is a list of SP 250 documents that pertain to Calibrations Services performed by staff from the Sensor Science Division. Information provided in these documents includes: 1) specifications for the services; 2) design philosophy and theory; 3) NIST measurement system; 4) NIST operational procedures; 5) assessment of the measurement uncertainty including random and systematic errors and an error budge; and 6) internal quality control procedures used by NIST.

SP 250-1 Spectral Radiance Calibrations
SP 250-2 Far Ultraviolet Detector Standards Calibrations
SP 250-22 Platinum Resistance Thermometer Calibrations
SP 250-23 Liquid-in-Glass Thermometer Calibration Service
SP 250-34 High Vacuum Standard and its Use
SP 250-35 The Calibration of Thermocouples and Thermocouple Materials
SP 250-38 NIST Leak Calibration Service
SP 250-39 2009 NIST Calibration Services for Pressure Using Piston Gauge Standards
SP 250-41 (2008) Spectroradiometric Detector Measurements: Ultraviolet, Visible, and Near-Infrared Detectors for Spectral Power
SP 250-43 Radiance Temperature Calibrations
SP 250-48 Spectral Reflectance
SP 250-49 NIST Calibration Services for Gas Flow Meters; Piston Prover and Bell Prover Gas Flow Facilities
SP 250-63 Gas Flowmeter Calibrations with the 34 L and 677 L PVTt Standards
SP 250-65 Heat-Flux Sensor Calibration
SP 250-69 Regular Spectral Transmittance
SP 250-70 Specular Gloss
SP 250-71 0:45 Surface Color
SP 250-72 NIST Calibration Services for Liquid Volume
SP 250-73 NIST Calibration Services for Water Flowmeters: Water Flow Calibration Facility
SP 250-78 NIST Calibration Services for Hydrometers
SP 250-79 Airspeed Calibration Service
SP 250-80 Gas Flowmeter Calibrations with the Working Gas Flow Standard
SP 250-81 Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer Calibrations from the Ar TP to the Ag FP
SP 250-83 Calibration of Hygrometers with Hybrid Humidity Generator
SP 250-89 Spectral Irradiance Calibrations
SP 250-91 Calibration of Cyrogenic Resistance Thermometers between 0.65 K and 165 K on the International Temperature Scale of 1990
SP 250-94 Infrared Optical Properties of Materials
SP 250-95 Photometric Calibrations
SP 250-1039r1 Liquid Flow Meter Calibration Service
SP 1046 Gas Flowmeter Calibrations with the 26 m3 PVTt Standard
SP 1081 Natural Gas Flow Calibration Service (NGFCS)


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Created July 21, 2009, Updated April 23, 2021