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Volumetric Tests for Coordinate Metrology Instruments

Volumetric tests for laser trackers
Volumetric tests for laser trackers.

The Dimensional Metrology Group (683.01) performs volumetric performance evaluations of 3D coordinate measurement systems on a fee for service basis to meet special industrial needs. The Dimensional Metrology Group has developed novel testing equipment for high accuracy calibration procedures. The Dimensional Metrology Group performs a feasibility study of all requests to determine if we can provide an appropriate calibration.

Volumetric (3D) measurement instrument calibrations include large CMMs, laser trackers, articulated arm CMMs, and laser scanning systems. Testing procedures often follow recent national and international metrology standards.


Uncertainties for special tests are dependent on the type of calibration performed and are computed on a case by case basis. To discuss special tests please call the Dimensional Metrology Group contact listed.

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Created February 9, 2009, Updated February 17, 2022