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Electronic potential energy of strontium ground state

figure 1

Figure 1. Internuclear molecular potential curves for electronic states of Sr2 of interest in this work. The dashed states are estimated by comparison with calculations for Mg2 [Stevens and Krauss, 1977]. Reference

figure 2

Figure 2. Potential curves of the A1Σu+ and X 1Σg+ states, the wave functions for v′  = 28, J = 155 and of two continuum states are displayed. The relative intensity of the corresponding bound-continuum spectrum is shown on the left. The dotted curve in the lower state is the "Mulliken difference potential." For two continuum states the range of internuclear distances contributing to the overlap integral has been indicated by a bar in the wave function.


Created November 3, 2015, Updated August 25, 2016