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Spectroscopic parameter De(cm-1) and Re(a0) for the excited states Ca2

Singlet stateDeReTriplet stateDeRe
(3d) 1Δg53307.25(4p) 3Σg24011.50
(3d) 1Σg59155.74(3d) 3Δg30807.48
(4p) 1Σg16826.25(3d) 3Σg14507.75
(3d) 1Πu63076.76(4p) 3Πu15757.50
(4p) 1Πu35356.02(3d) 3Πu57326.76
(3d) 1Σu52906.74(4p) 3Σu76047.00
(3d) 1Δu95186.75(3d) 3Δu61866.52
(4p) 1Σu58107.02(3d) 3Σu46206.74
(3d) 1Πg153106.24(4p) 3Πg90626.52
(4p) 1Πg57786.75(3d) 3Πg52706.75

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Created November 3, 2015, Updated August 25, 2016