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Ryan Need (Assoc)


Composite Spin Hall Conductivity from Non-Collinear Antiferromagnetic Order

Steve Novakov, Peter B. Meisenheimer, Grace A. Pan, Patrick Kezer, Nguyen M. Vu, Alexander Grutter, Ryan F. Need, Julia Mundy, John Heron
Non-collinear antiferromagnets are an exciting new platform for studying intrinsic spin Hall effects, phenomena that arise from the materials' band structure

Strong Ferromagnetism Achieved via Breathing Lattices in Atomically Thin Cobaltites

Sisi Li, Qinghua Zhang, Shan Lin, Xiahan Sang, Ryan F. Need, Manuel A. Roldan, Wenjun Cui, Zhiyi Hu, Qiao Jin, Shuang Chen, Jiali Zhao, Jia-Ou Wang, Jiesu Wang, Meng He, Chen Ge, Can Wang, Hui-Bin Lu, Zhenping Wu, Haizhong Guo, Xin Tong, Tao Zhu, Brian Kirby, Lin Gu, Kui-juan Jin, Er-Jia Guo
Low-dimensional quantum materials that retain strong ferromagnetism down to monolayer thickness hold great potential for spintronic applications. However

Design and Realization of a Sputter Deposition System for the in situ and in operando Use in Polarized Neutron Reflectometry Experiments: Novel Capabilities

Jingfan Ye, Alexander Book, Sina Mayr, Henrik Gabold, Fankai Meng, Helena Schafferer, Ryan F. Need, Dustin Gilbert, Thomas Saerbeck, Jochen Stahn, Peter Boni, Wolfgang Kreuzpaintner
Recently, the design and realization of a sputter-deposition system for in situ and in operando neutron reflectometry (PNR) was reported. The device allows
Created February 26, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022