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Composite Spin Hall Conductivity from Non-Collinear Antiferromagnetic Order



Steve Novakov, Peter B. Meisenheimer, Grace A. Pan, Patrick Kezer, Nguyen M. Vu, Alexander Grutter, Ryan F. Need, Julia Mundy, John Heron


Non-collinear antiferromagnets are an exciting new platform for studying intrinsic spin Hall effects, phenomena that arise from the materials' band structure, Berry phase curvature, and linear response to an external electric field. In contrast to traditional spin Hall effect materials, the reduced symmetry of non-collinear antiferromagnets allows longitudinal and out-of-plane spin currents with x ̂,z ̂ polarization, though contemporary measurements have been small and non-tunable. Here we report multi-component out-of-plane spin Hall conductivities σ_xz^x, σ_xz^y,σ_xz^z in L12 ordered antiferromagnetic PtMn3 thin films that are uniquely generated in the non-collinear state. The maximum spin torque efficiencies (ξ=J_S/J_e 0.3) are significantly larger than in Pt (ξ 0.1). Additionally, the spin Hall conductivities in the non-collinear state exhibit an orientation-dependent anisotropy, which can be used to select for a dominant polarization component. Our work demonstrates symmetry control through the magnetic lattice as a pathway to tailored functionality in magnetoelectronic systems.
Advanced Materials


Magnetism, Spin-Orbit Torque, Spin Hall Effect, Antiferromagnetism, Spintronics


Novakov, S. , Meisenheimer, P. , Pan, G. , Kezer, P. , Vu, N. , Grutter, A. , Need, R. , Mundy, J. and Heron, J. (2023), Composite Spin Hall Conductivity from Non-Collinear Antiferromagnetic Order, Advanced Materials, [online], (Accessed March 5, 2024)
Created August 3, 2023, Updated January 23, 2024