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A line drawing describing the apparatus and method for dynamically controlling spectrum access

Apparatus and Method for Dynamically Controlling Spectrum Access


Timothy A Hall, Anirudha Sahoo, Charles Hagwood, Sarah Streett

Patent Description There is a need for government and industry to share spectrum due to limited frequency band. This invention provides for a dynamic spectrum access (DSA) in a tiered sharing system whose goal is to increase spectrum utilization. It is an apparatus (hardware + firmware) that
A line drawing of the protector for photon detector

Protector for Photon Detector


David M. Rutter, Alan H. Band

Patent Description Avalanche photodiodes (APDs) are highly sensitive single photon counters and are used in fluorescence lifetime measurements, medical devices, safety equipment and optical communication devices among many other applications. They function by placing a high voltage across an
Exploded schematic shows line drawings of five layers inside the optofluidic flow meter.

Optofluidic Flow Meter


Zeeshan Ahmed, Gregory A. Cooksey

New enabling technology Optofluidics is the marriage of microfluidics and optical technology. The NIST optical flow meter uses a photonic sensor to detect pressure changes inside a microfluidic channel, which is then used to calculate volumetric flow rates. It provides on-chip assessment of flow and
Fiber magnetometer

Chip-Scale Atomic Magnetometer

NEW ENABLING TECHNOLOGY Measurement of faint magnetic fields is critical to many applications, notably including medical diagnostics, but conventional technologies are often large, complex and expensive. NIST’s chip-scale atomic magnetometer, by contrast, is highly compact and readily fabricated
Schematic of magnetometer/gyroscope shows layers with photodetectors on top and laser at bottom.

Compact Atomic Magnetometer and Gyroscope

NEW ENABLING TECHNOLOGY Gyroscopes sense rotation. In combination with magnetometers, gyroscopes are used many applications, including inertial navigation and platform stabilization. The NIST invention enables multitasking measurement capabilities and is the first to demonstrate simultaneous
Diagram shows ethanol, shields, vapor cell, reservoir, heater.

Detection of J-Coupling Using Atomic Magnetometer

New Enabling Technology Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) endures as one of the most powerful analytical tools for detecting chemical species and elucidating molecular structure. Zero-to-ultralow-field NMR (ZULF NMR) spectroscopy has emerged as a new, potentially portable and cost-effective modality
A flat pink device with a round black patch lies over a quarter.

Electrical-Substitution Radiometer

NEW ENABLING TECHNOLOGY This invention is an electrical-substitution radiometer (ESR) — a thermal detector for optical and infrared radiation — based on a novel configuration of arrays of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes. An ESR is a primary reference standard used worldwide to measure optical
A metal cube (RPPM) mounted on a metal surface has round holes cut in each side.

Optical Power Meter

NEW ENABLING TECHNOLOGY NIST scientists have devised a radically new method of determining laser power by measuring the radiation pressure exerted by a laser beam on a reflective surface. High-accuracy power measurements are essential to many manufacturing processes that depend on precise control of
A disk-shaped device is smaller than the half-dollar coin underneath it.

Smart Mirror

New Enabling Technology This invention measures the power of a laser beam by detecting the displacement caused by photon pressure on a mirrored surface. Accurate measurement and control of laser power measurement is essential to manufacturing. However, to date there has been no way to precisely
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