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Non-Resonant Electron Spin Resonant Probe And Associated Hardware

Patent Number: 11,294,075


This invention details a non-resonant probe designed to measure changes in the density of broken bonds (unpaired electrons) in materials exposed to ionizing radiation.  The probe functions to excite and detect electron spin resonance transitions in these materials. Accumulated radiation dose can then be derived from a measure of the material’s unpaired electron density. Incorporation of minute amounts of radiation sensitive material into films, cards, strips, laminates, nano-dots, etc., will have significant potential for numerous clinical and non-clinical applications.

This invention is a novel technology that will have a disruptive impact on multiple applications currently utilizing conventional electron spin resonance. The novelty is primarily based on miniaturization of the measurement system, no requirement for a resonant (cavity) detector, decreased power requirements, and utilization of permanent magnets (instead of electromagnets). The highly sensitive measurements, in a hand held application, far surpass any currently existing technology and thereby allow use of minute materials that allow for applications of high urgency that include public safety and security.

Created September 19, 2022, Updated December 14, 2023