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Crossword for NIST News of 2019

Use the clues below the puzzle to find out what made headlines for NIST this year and fill in the spaces!

cross puzzle
Credit: Design by N. Hanacek/NIST. Clues by R. Wilson/NIST


2. A next-generation atomic clock demonstrated at NIST in May is so small that its heart is about the same size as a _________. (2 Words / 10 letters) Learn more about this topic.

4. The _________ Genome Initiative at NIST uses artificial intelligence to help develop new, complex blends of materials in a faster and cheaper way. (9  letters) Learn more about this topic.

6. Forensic scientists at NIST created digital 3D replicas of _________ from the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. (7 letters) Learn more about this topic.

7. The compound uranium ditelluride has unique properties as a _________ that could help with developing functioning quantum computers. (14 letters) Learn more about this topic.

11. _________ , a concept better known for underpinning digital currencies like Bitcoin, is making its way into digital manufacturing networks. 10 letters) Learn more about this topic.

12. A new research initiative seeks to address _________ in the results from information retrieval software like search engines. (4 letters) Learn more about this topic.


1. A custom-made frequency _________ from NIST will help scientists hunt for Earth-like planets at the Hobby-Eberly Telescope in Texas. (4 letters) Learn more about this topic.

3. _________ can seep out of wood products, a public health problem faced by Hurricane Katrina survivors who lived in wood-built trailers after the disaster. (12 letters) Learn more about this topic.

5. In May, the world officially redefined each base measurement unit in the metric system using fixed _________ of nature. (9 letters) Learn more about this topic.

6. Researchers at JILA measured the quantum details of _________, spherical cages of 60 carbon atoms. (10 letters) Learn more about this topic.

8. A new standard reference material for _________ products, which can be used to identify deadly toxins in food, is now available. (4 letters) Learn more about this topic.

9. Collaborating with the Smithsonian National Zoo, NIST scientists are developing a library of _________ from animals, which contains unique sugars called oligosaccharides. (4 letters) Learn more about this topic.

10. The internet of _________ links everyday items like refrigerators and thermostats to computer networks, but that ease also brings security risks. (6 letters) Learn more about this topic.



Want to do this crossword puzzle the old-fashioned way? Print out the puzzle and pull out your pen or pencil.

Created December 20, 2019