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Department of Commerce 2017 Financial Management Conference Functional Training Breakout Session 3

Friday, May 19, 2017

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

  1. Are You Smart Enough to be a CFO? (Lecture Room A)
    • Dennis Detar
    • Brendan Hourigan
    • Frank Murphy
    • Scott Palmer
    • Bonita Royall
    • Gita Zoks
    Slides: Are You Smart Enough to be a CFO?
    Overview: The CFO organization supports the mission of agency and has varied interactions to support common goals. The purpose of this session is for management and staff across the Department (within the Office of Secretary and the 12 Bureaus) to gain an understanding on the many facets that touch the CFO role in a question and answer format.
  2. SF 132 What You Need to Know (Heritage Room)
    Camelia Carter - Census Financial Management Analyst
    Slides: SF 132 - What You Need to Know
    Overview: This session will provide attendees with a general understanding of the SF 132, Apportionment and Reapportionment Schedule.  The brief lecture will cover why an SF 132 is prepared, when apportionments are due, and how the SF 132 is organized.  The facilitator will go through an example of an Apportionment and Reapportionment schedule.  Group discussion for 15 minutes and wrap up topics covered.
  3. Voice of the Service Provider and Customer (Lecture Room D)
    • George E. Jenkins - NIST (Moderator)
    • Kim Darling - NOAA
    • Nuthan Deodhar - NIST
    • Arlene Simpson-Porter - NOAA
    • John Potts - NWS
    • Nancy Vernon - NTIA
    Overview: Collaborative moderated panel discussion of Servicing Bureaus and Customer Bureaus. This session is an opportunity for Service Providers to have open dialogue about Financial and Acquisition Services with their Customers.  Service Providers will discuss the internal processes they use to deliver services, roles and responsibilities, best practices, lessons learned, service level issues and concerns, shared efficiencies and suggestions for improvement to the processes related to the Financial and Acquisition services they provide.  This session will compare and contrast how and why services are provided across the Bureaus from the Service Providers and Customers point of view.
  4. ServiceNow (West Square)
    • Kellie Bealle - NIST
    • Urayna Knowles - NIST
    • Susanne Porch - NIST
    • John Quick - NIST
    • Michael Szwed - NIST
    Slides: NIST ServiceNow Projects
    Overview: Session to reintroduce ServiceNow and share the many ways that NIST is using ServiceNow for services management.  NIST is currently using ServiceNow to manage its Reimbursable Agreement tracking, Accounts Payable 162 processing, Human Resources connect tasks, and several other functional uses that are currently in development.  ServiceNow implementation managers and services managers will provide a brief overview of how NIST is using ServiceNow for service management and share their experiences. The session will include examples of available tracking, reporting capabilities, and dashboards.
  5. Enterprise Services (Lecture Room B)
    • Jamie M. Krauk
    • Kurt Bersani
    • Glenn Davidson
    Slides: Department of Commerce Enterprise Services
    Overview: Conversational Session. Include a brief description of what Enterprise Services is at Commerce:
    1. Where we have been / brief history
    2. Where we are
    3. Looking Ahead / Ideal
    4. Question and Answer session

Connecting Commerce: Communication (Sharing Best Practices Across Bureaus); Collaboration (Developing Cross Cutting Initiatives); Coordination (Establishing Deliverables for Future Outcomes); Change (Adapting to a New Environment and Transition)


Created May 1, 2017, Updated November 15, 2019