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Fixed for Life with NIST Help

We erect structures for many purposes—as dwellings, work environments, recreational sites and even as monuments to our ideals and achievements. The science and engineering skills needed to help them survive the elements and the passage of time, or to remove them when they are no longer functional or threaten our safety … that’s when NIST can lend a hand. “Fixed for Life with NIST Help” tells how we’re built to help.

Keeping the Lady with the Lamp Standing Tall

An exterior photo of the Statue of Liberty surrounded by scaffolding
The Statue of Liberty surrounded by scaffolding during its 1981-1986 restoration.
Credit: National Park Service

Scaling the Washington Monument Twice in a Century

A view of the ground from the top of the Washington Monument
Looking down at the top of the Washington Monument, a spot visited twice by NIST engineers in the last century.
Credit: National Park Service

Making Sure No One Cries ‘Fuoco’ (Fire) in This ‘Teatro’ (Theater)

Exterior shot of the Teatro Piccinni
Built in 1854, the Teatro Piccinni is the oldest artistic venue in the theater-rich city of Bari, Italy.
Credit: Diana Cimino Cocco


Helping to Clean Up a Disaster Inside the Chernobyl ‘Mega Tomb’

Photo of the TensileTruss platform that shows a horizontal iron bar with a platform hanging below it
NIST’s RoboCrane technology is seen suspended from a bridge crane-and-trolley system that spans the entire length of the remediation facility at the site of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.
Credit: Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant






Created June 19, 2017, Updated December 14, 2017