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Transportation / Field Trips

Field trips are planned throughout the year to enrich the learning that occurs in our Center. Parents will be notified of all upcoming field trips and asked to sign a permission slip allowing your child's participation. At times you will be assessed a nominal fee for admission and transportation. All children in attendance at school the day of the field trip are expected to participate. No alternate care is available for a child whose parents elect not to have him/her participate. All staff is needed on field trips in order to maintain proper staff-child ratios. So as not to penalize those children arriving on time and to maximize the time allotted for field trips, transportation will not wait for late arrivals and will leave promptly at the designated time. In the event that a child misses the transportation, parents may choose the option of transporting their child to the field trip location. Otherwise, parents are responsible for their child's care until the group returns from the field trip.

The Center requests that all children wear a "NIST Child Care Center" T-shirt while on field trips. T-shirts may be purchased from the Director/Assistant Director. These shirts help staff and parent volunteers easily identify children in our group.

The children will be transported in the Center bus. Each child will be required to wear a seat belt or the integrated child restraints. There may be occasions when parents are needed to accompany their child's class on an outing and possibly transport themselves or their child in their car. Your child will always travel in the Center bus if you are not able to go on the trip.


Created August 13, 2009, Updated October 5, 2010