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Registration and Enrollment Policies

Families may apply for the NIST CCC waiting list as soon as you know you are expecting a child. Registration requires a "due date". Parents are responsible for notifying the center once the birth has occurred to update the registration with the name and birth date. Employees who indicate they are adopting a child will be assigned a date of application that is on inactive status until at least ten months before the desired date of enrollment.

Registration Procedure:

  1. Obtain a registration form online or from the Center Director.   
  2. Complete the registration form by indicating the child's name (if not born yet, "baby") and birth date (if not born yet, due date).
  3. Submit application along with the processing fee to the Center Director or Mailstop 1915.
  4. In cases where an immediate vacancy in an age-appropriate classroom is not available, the child's name is added to the waiting list when the registration requirements are met.

Created August 10, 2009, Updated May 29, 2018